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First you must understand with every website there is a "home" page also known as an Index File".

Once you have the website designed then it is time to integrate it into the Google Search. First you will want to get an idea of your target audience and for this explanation I will use my own company. My company focuses on many forms of media, like Web Design, SEO, Layout design for magazines, video production, after FX, Google Ad Words, Web Master Tools, and many other things. These descriptive words of what my company specializes in would also be know as Key Words. My job or duty as an SEO Specialist is to make sure that when someone goes into Google in a certain GEO Targeted area and types in any one of the Keywords I pop up in the organic search.

What is an "Organic Search" ? When you search for anything on Google or any other Search Engine you will see Ads of a darker color on the top of the page and those are paid ads Pay - Per - Click would be the correct terminology. Underneath those Ads would be the "Organic Search" ( This is my target). I will get into - click now - PPC later, but for now lets just take one step at a time.

We will work with a few of the words listed above, but for editing purposes I would like to educate "you" the reader and don't want this to seem too commercial-ish. Once you have picked your keywords numbering from 5-10 unique keywords then you are ready to get started, but remember think like the person who is searching when you research key words.

For Example: If you are a marketing company and that is your keyword or word phrase. Using "Marketing Company" may be a little to un defined.

So ask yourself:

What area am I targeting?

What would they type in if they were looking for a service that I offer in that area?

Now were talking! Well, in this case I am based out of Palm Beach County so for my sake I would use the "description" "Palm Beach County Marketing Specialist" and this is a key phrase. This is going to tell the "Crawler" in the search engine where to index your site and there can be more than 1 description so in this case I provide service for Broward and Miami as well so I would just include those phrases too. Since I have 2 phrases left I would focus on towns within that geographic area that has the highest population. In my case Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach would have the highest populous.

Typing in your title of the page to the code I would use the state I reside in like South Florida Marketing Company and follow though the pages

For Example a "Services Page" would have South Florida Marketing Services in the title. The title is the first thing the Google Crawler Crawls then it would go to the description then onto the keywords. and if you refine it to a cohesive format it saves you time if the crawler can make sense of the page all at once.

Now for key words you would ad in your services just like I did above. My video below will provide you with a visual to see what I am talking about. first I just want to "Bullet" some of what I went over.

Research your "Key Words" Typically they are services that you offer or products you sell.

Geo Target Your audience within your service area and think how they would think when searching for your services on the search engine.

Make sure you provide a unique title for each page.

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